Single-Processor WorkstationSupermicro SYS-531A-ILSYS-531A-IL

Powerhouse performance and blazing-fast technology
Compact tower or rackmount to fit your workspace
High versatility and superior reliability


In the manufacturing industry, companies are transforming their IT environments with workstation solutions built on compute technology, a new breed of CPUs and GPUs, more memory, increased storage, and comprehensive management software. By implementing cutting-edge workstations, manufacturers will have the ability to boost the performance of their critical applications to enhance product design. Today’s companies are using advanced workstations to improve the speed and quality of their product development cycles. Significant improvements are already seen in graphics-intensive manufacturing applications, including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), 2D, and 3D design.

Designed for CAD and 3D Modeling Applications

• 2D/3D Content Creation

• VR Content Development

01Building The Ideal Production Environment
Supermicro workstations are fast, reliable, and cost-effective to meet the demands of any manufacturing operations. These workstations utilize enterprise-grade technologies which are tested and validated to meet specific application requirements. Solutions from Supermicro offer a high degree of flexibility and upgradability to support the rising need for graphics and AI wherever employees need to work. The workstations feature a wide range of industry standard components to optimally configure the system for enterprise needs—including NVMe storage, the latest CPUs, and breakneck acceleration from NVIDIA GPUs. Supermicro offers recommended configurations to fit an enterprise's unique application requirements.All support issues are managed by local engineering experts, product managers, and global support services that include next-day onsite options. These workstations can deliver the best possible experience and performance for a range of demanding applications with optimized configurations, ultra-fast NVIDIA GPUs, and optimized drivers.
02Choosing Trusted Partners
The world of professional visualization is changing quickly. Advanced requirements like real-time ray tracing, engineering simulation, immersive virtual reality (VR), and AI-augmented tools are common across the manufacturing sector. With professional workflows constantly evolving, workstations are pushed to the edge to optimize application performance. Supermicro and NVIDIA are delivering the next generation of visual computing to accelerate the future of manufacturing.Together, Supermicro and NVIDIA provide the right visual computing solutions to maximize the speed and precision of the manufacturing lifecycle.Supermicro achieves this through extensive engineering expertise and the industry’s broadest product portfolio, which offers green computing technologies that reduce energy costs, effectively allocate resources to tackle complex design workflows, and improve the overall total cost of ownership. In addition, Supermicro provides a range of performance-boosting solutions to help manufacturers work better, smarter, and faster in partnership with NVIDIA.
03Supermicro work environment
Supermicro is committed to building work environments that deliver industry-leading energy efficiency, acceleration, and stability. Leveraging first-to-market innovations from Supermicro and the NVIDIA RTX™ technology, Supermicro workstations are purpose-built for unprecedented performance at scale to enhance any application.
These platforms are expertly designed to optimize manufacturing workflows that require powerful compute and graphics.



Supports 12th Gen. Intel® Core™ i Processors


2 PCI-E 5.0 × 16 slots M.2 Interface: 3 PCI-E 4.0 × 4




Dual LAN ports, GbE and 2.5GbE


668W 80PLUS Platinum Power Supply


Supermicro and NVIDIA are empowering companies across the manufacturing industry to work better, smarter, and faster with solutions designed to boost productivity and insight. Today, these powerful workstations are created to help manufacturers deliver amazing new products and innovate without bounds. As a result, organizations can benefit from solutions and capabilities that are the best in the industry:

01Best performance:
Highest memory and storage capacities available in a single tower system, featuring up to four passively cooled GPUs in tower form factor. Supermicro is the only manufacturer to offer up to four NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs in multiple models, with up to 80 cores, 4TB of memory, 61.44TB of NVMe, and optional DCPMM support.
02Best expandability:
Up to six PCIe Gen4 × 16 expansion slots, or up to four PCIe Gen4 M.2 with optional hardware RAID 0/1/5/10 support.
03Best component selection:
Supermicro validates a wide variety of memory, storage, and networking components with different specifications to help configure an optimized system for an organization's needs without locking anyone into one brand.
Whether building complex 3D models, rendering photo-realistic designs, or simulating product performance, workstation solutions from Supermicro and NVIDIA have the best product selections and configurations to accelerate overall productivity.
Together, Supermicro and NVIDIA can help enterprises deploy the ideal workstation for specific requirements to optimize product design workflows, from intensive graphics work to the cutting edge of AI. Let Supermicro help organizations transform any environment.

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