Superior streaming media performance with unprecedented user experienceNVIDIA A16TENSOR CORE

The NVIDIA A16, built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, combines with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software to raise the bar on user experience for graphics-rich virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)


NVIDIA A16Advantages:

Purpose-built for graphics-rich VDI with NVIDIA vPC
Provides the lowest cost per virtual workstation user with NVIDIA RTX vWS4
Support for all NVIDIA vGPU software editions: NVIDIA vPC, NVIDIA vApps, NVIDIA RTX vWS, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, and NVIDIA vCS
PCI Express Gen 4
Latest CODEC support: H.265 encode/decode, VP9, and AV1 decode
01NVIDIA Ampere architecture
NVIDIA Ampere architecture based CUDA cores, secondgeneration RT-Cores, and third- generation Tensor-Cores provide the flexibility to host virtual workstations powered by NVIDIA RTX vWS software, or to leverage unused VDI resources to run compute workloads with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.
02More than 2 × the encoder throughput
More than double the encoder throughput versus previous generation M10, providing high-performance transcoding and the multiuser performance required for multi-stream video and multimedia.
03Double the user density
Purpose-built for graphics-rich VDI, with support for up to 64 concurrent users per board, in a dual-slot form factor.
04High – resolution display
Supports multiple, high resolution monitors to enable maximum productivity and photorealistic quality in a VDI environment.


GPU Architecture

NVIDIA Ampere architecture

GPU memory

4 × 16 GB GDDR6

Memory bandwidth

4 × 200 GB/s

Error-correcting code (ECC)

NVIDIA Ampere architecturebased CUDA Cores

4 × 1280

NVIDIA third-generation Tensor Cores

4 × 40

NVIDIA second-generation RT Cores

4 × 10

FP32 | TF32 | TF321 (TFLOPS)

4 × 4.5 | 4 × 9 | 4 × 18

FP16 | FP161 (TFLOPS)

4 × 17.9 | 4 × 35.9


4 × 35.9 | 4 × 71.8

System interface

PCIe Gen4 (×16)

Max power consumption


Thermal solution


Form factor

Full height, full length (FHFL) Dual Slot

Power connector

8-pin CPU

Encode/decode engines

4 NVENC/8 NVDEC (includes AV1 decode)

Secure and measured boot with hardware root of trust for GPU


vGPU software support

NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC)

NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps)


Workstation (vWS)

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)

Graphics APIs DirectX


Shader Model 5.172

OpenGL 4.683

Vulkan 1.183

Compute APIs





MIG support

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