Bringing Exascale-class technologies to mainstream HPC & AIAMD INSTINCT™ MI210MI210

The AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerator extends AMD industry performance leadership in accelerated compute for double precision (FP64) on PCIe® form factors for mainstream HPC and AI workloads in the data center

AMD INSTINCT™ MI210Advantages:


• 2nd Gen AMD CDNA™ architecture

• 3rd Gen AMD Infinity Architecture

• AMD Infinity Fabric™ Link Technology

• Ultra-Fast HBM2e Memory

Purpose-built Accelerators for HP & AI Workloads

• Powered by the 2nd Gen AMD CDNA™ architecture, AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerator delivers HPC performance leadership over existing competitive PCIe® data center GPUs today with up to a 2.3x advantage.

012nd Generation AMD CNDA™ Architecture
The AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerator brings commercial HPC & AI customers the compute engine selected for the first U.S. Exascale supercomputer. Powered by the 2nd Gen AMD CDNA™ architecture, the MI210 accelerator delivers outstanding performance for HPC and AI. The MI210 PCIe® GPU delivers superior double and single precision performance for HPC workloads with up
to 22.6 TFLOPS peak FP64|FP32 performance, enabling scientists and researchers around the globe to process HPC parallel codes more efficiently across several industries.
023rd Gen AMD Infinity Architecture
The AMD Infinity Architecture enables platform designs with dual and quad, direct-connect, GPU hives with high-speed P2P connectivity and delivers up to 1.2 TB/s of total theoretical GPU bandwidth within a server design.4 Infinity Fabric helps unlock the promise of accelerated computing, enabling a quick and simple onramp for CPU codes to accelerated platforms.
03AMD Infinity Fabric™ Link Technology
AMD Instinct MI210 GPUs provide advanced I/O capabilities in standard off-the-shelf servers with our AMD Infinity Fabric™ technology and PCIe® Gen4 support. The MI210 GPU delivers 64 GB/s CPU to GPU bandwidth without the need for PCIe® switches, and up to 300 GB/s of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) bandwidth performance through three Infinity Fabric links.
04Ultra-Fast HBM2e Memory
AMD Instinct MI210 accelerators provide up to 64GB High-bandwidth HBM2e memory with ECC support at a clock rate of 1.6 GHz. and deliver an ultra-high 1.6 TB/s of memory bandwidth to help support your largest data sets and eliminate bottlenecks moving data in and out of memory.3 Combine this performance with the MI210’s advanced Infinity Fabric I/O capabilities and you can push workloads closer to their full potential.


GPU Architecture


Stream Processors


Compute Units


Peak Half Precision (FP16) Performance

181 TFLOPs

Peak Engine Clock

1700 MHz

Peak Single Precision Matrix (FP32) Performance

45.3 TFLOPs

Peak Double Precision Matrix (FP64) Performance

45.3 TFLOPs

Peak Single Precision (FP32) Performance

22.6 TFLOPs

Peak Double Precision (FP64) Performance

22.6 TFLOPs

Peak INT4 Performance

181 TOPs

Peak INT8 Performance

181 TOPs

Peak bfloat16

181 TFLOPs

OS Support

Linux x86_64

External Power Connectors

1 × 8 pin 12V EPS

Total Board Power (TBP)

300W Peak

Dedicated Memory Size

64 GB

Dedicated Memory Type


Memory Interface


Memory Clock

1.6 GHz

Peak Memory Bandwidth

Up to 1638.4 GB/s

Memory ECC Support

Yes (Full-Chip)

Form Factor

PCIe® Add-in Card

Bus Type

PCIe® 4.0 × 16

Infinity Fabric™ Links


Peak Infinity Fabric™ Link Bandwidth

100 GB/s

Cooling Passive

Board Height

Full Height

Board Length

10.5″ (267mm)

Board Width

Double Slot

Supported Technologies

AMD CDNA™ 2 Architecture

RAS Support

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Product Family

AMD Instinct™

Product Line

AMD Instinct™ MI Series



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