Welcome to Exceptional Performance.AMD RADEON™ PRO W6800W6800

Using our latest astonishing graphics architecture, we’ve taken performance further. As your projects get bigger, and more demanding, your GPU can keep pushing every workload.

AMD RADEON™ PRO W6800Advantages:

Discover your software’s full potential
32GB GDDR6 Memory with ECC Support
Hardware Raytracing Support
Optimized for 6 × Displays. 8K and HDR Ready
Accelerated Multitasking Performance
PCIe® 4.0 Support for Advanced Data Transfers
Certified for Many ISV Applications
01Power Efficient Performance
Engineered from the ground up, the AMD RDNA 2 architecture introduces significant GPU advancements in the form of an enhanced Compute Unit, new visual pipeline, and all new AMD Infinity Cache. AMD RDNA 2 architecture delivers up to 94% faster performance over previous generation GCN architecture. This helps enable higher resolution performance together with vivid visuals, incorporating superior performance and power efficiency.
02Ideal for Realtime Hardware Raytracing
New to the AMD RDNA 2 Compute Unit is the implementation of a high-performance raytracing acceleration architecture known as Ray Accelerators. This specialized hardware handles the intersection of rays directly on the AMD Radeon PRO W6800 for accelerated hardware raytracing.
03Architecture & Engineering Workloads
While AEC software is typically CPU compute heavy, the rise of GPU hardware acceleration is quickening, particularly for complex workloads like photogrammetry, rendering and realtime visualization experiences. The gigantic memory and hardware raytracing capabilities of the AMD Radeon PRO W6800 GPU allows software to break free of common hardware constraints.
04Design & Manufacturing Workloads
Software certifications remain critical, and even though the AMD Radeon PRO W6800 offers extensive support for common tools, the main benefits of this high-performing GPU are not limited to its robust drivers. It’s packed with high-speed memory, large amounts of compute teraflops and a new advanced chip architecture for even the most demanding of visualization, simulation and modeling tasks, all while displaying to 6x demanding Ultra-HD monitors for increased workflow efficiencies.
05Media & Entertainment Workloads
The M&E industry has always been at the forefront of new technology adoption, along with demanding ultra-high resolutions, and the AMD Radeon PRO W6800 helps push this further. With support for 8K video projects, 6x Ultra-HD HDR displays, access to a gigantic memory pool, and unique AMD technologies, this GPU reduces the need for proxies and waiting around while speeding up complex GPU-accelerated renders and encoding or decoding workloads.


GPU Architecture


Transistor Count

26.8 Billion (7 nm Process)

Stream Processors

3840 (60 Compute Units)

Hardware Raytracing

Yes (60 Ray Accelerators)

Peak FP16 Throughput (Half Precision)

35.66 Teraflops of Compute Performance

Peak FP32 Throughput (Single Precision)

17.83 Teraflops of Compute Performance

Infinity Cache (L3)

128 MB Graphics Cache

Dedicated Graphics Memory

32GB of High-Performance GDDR6

Peak Memory Bandwidth

512 GB per Second Transfer Speeds

PCI Express® Support

4.0 Ready (× 16) with 3.0 Backward Compatibility

Error Correcting Code (ECC) Support

Professional ISV Certification Support

AMD Secure Processor (ASP)

VR and Realtime Ready

Remote Workstation Ready

8K UHD and HDR Display Support

10-bit Color Ready for Truer Colors

Radeon PRO Viewport Boost Support

AMD EyefinityTechnology Ready

AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) Decode Support

Video Acceleration (HEVC / H265)

Yes – Encode and Decode

Display Connectors

6 × DisplayPort™ 1.4 with DSC

Display Output Configurations

6 × @ 3840 × 2160px (4K)

(@ 60Hz with HDR Enabled)

6 × @ 5120 × 2880px (5K)

2 × @ 7680 × 4320px (8K)

Supported APIs

DirectX® 12 Ultimate

OpenGL® 4.6

OpenCL™ 2.1

Vulkan™ 1.2

Peak Board Power

Up to 250 Watts of Power

Power Connectors

6-pin + 8-pin Power Cables

PSU Recommendation

650 Watts Minimum

Board Form Factor

Full Height, Double Slot 10.5” (267mm) Length

Supported Operating Systems

(64-bit) Microsoft® Windows® 10 Linux®


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